1/14 scale

fine scale accessories

Tamiya SCANIA R470/R620


SC-010101 Scania Roof Panel Plug

SC-010102 Scania Roof Plain Panel

SC-010103 Slim Air-Con Pod

Developed to fit the keyed cut out in Tamiya 1/14 Scania RC roof cabs. The “plug” is itself keyed to take both the standard replacement roof panel and slim cab cooler pod. Future cab details will be designed to fit this plug. Useing a “hobby hot glue gun” rather than adhesive, your accessories become “swap-able”.

The roof panel is modelled from SCANIA cabs and is as authentic as we can get it. Although the panel will sit over Tamiya cab roof cut outs and can be glued in place as is. Fixing it to the SC-010101 roof plug, makes the whole assembly heavier and less likely to leave the vehicle while in transit....

Designing and getting this thing to print cleanly was “orible”. The “slim cooler pod”, the first of a range of cab coolers. Has it’s under face keyed to the SC-010101 roof plug, ensuring that it’s not going to pop out at speed unless you roll it!! While still being removable allowing you to swap out accessories.

Make Models are committed to bringing you a unique range of interesting RC truck accessories and replacements for… parts that simply fall off or do not look quite right out of the box. While we pride ourselves on the quality of our “printed resins”. These are still resin kit bits, so a light file/sanding may be required to get that perfect surface before painting/fit.

Pieces are designed to keep “flash lines” at the back of the models, but a little TLC may still be required…

SC-010130 Single Airhorn

Finley detailed and replacements for the standard horns supplied with Tamiya 1/14 trucks. Although we can’t provide these parts in a chrome finish yet…. Alclad’s chrome & black chrome model paint is recommended and we ourselves are trying to source this for pre-painted versions of these accessories.

SC-010201 Scania cab steps

Apparently you tend to loose these quite often, so we thought you may like some replacements. Again, these are finely detailed cab step replacements for the Tamiya Scania 1/14 and include lower, upper driver/passenger side. If you want just one side, we will bag up a specific side for you.

SC-010401 Scania 5th wheel cover

Our first model accessory. The 5th wheel cover is modelled from an actual life size authentic product, but adapted to fit the Tamiya 1/14 Scania trailer plate. The cover will fit the trailer plate in both horizontal or angled positions and adds a nice touch for vehicles driven without trailers.

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