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Make Models combines advanced digital modelling with 18months of 3D print testing, so we can bring you a growing range of fine scale resin truck parts/accessories.

Talking with the RC Truck community, our aim is to produce parts, accessories and cab flare from “your wish lists”. 


Who are we....?

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the build plate.

…3D printed models are formed on a build plate  and I’m the guy who creates the models…. ello.

I don’t get out much, so this section is my way of keeping many of you informed of what were doing in the studio.


At the Leyland & Ribble meet on Nov 13th, we released wing mirrors for the Tamiya SCANIA R Series. Well I ran another detail pass this week and angled the top mirror down to be more accurate to the original.

Thank you to the bloke who pointed out that these are infact for later SCANIA’s….. hmmm may have to fix that. Anyway, we have some bagged up for the Rhyl meet and I’m just finishing a few unusual new bits we will be releasing at the show.


Where can I get your products..?

These are new products and we are still tweaking our designs to add detail and improve surface finish, especially on products with large flat surfaces. So at the moment, we are making enough to support local RC meets where we can get direct feed back and importantly support local clubs.

Options to buy our “stuff” will be setup for Christmas and we will be adding a Facebook page and contact form/enquiry number to this website…..however. Product reveals and new product announcements will be made at club meets.

13th Nov Leyland & Ribble Valley RC truck meet

Nov 21st Rhyl RC truck meet

Nov 27th Congleton Truck Meet

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